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J row fence works

To all our member who have there boat stored up on J row well the old cyclone wire fence posts have finally rusted out, and we would like to advise that fence works will be commencing at the end of July/ early August to re- instate a brand new fence with thicker galvanized posts and […]

Boat and Trailer Refurbishment

By now most of our boat and trailer customers would have noticed that the refurbishment is now completed, which took some number of months to get the trailer park back into order after those horrendous storms we had last year. 

Price Increases 01/07/2015

Dear Members, most of you will notice a price Increase to your storage rates this year, we would like to remind you that the marina has had no price increase for the last two years, and that the storage rates were held at the 2013 rate due to the Global Financial Crisis. Unfortunately doing the […]

Credit Card fuel Sytem

By now most of our members have seen the removal of the old card system to top up there fuel account,  in which it has been replaced by the credit card system which accepts Visa and Mastercard for the purchase of fuel in the St Kilda Marina. also now vessels from outside the St Kilda […]

Absent Marker Buoys

Some members have expressed concerns about the removal of the marker buoys at the entrance to the St Kilda Marina at present the hold up lies in Parks Victoria’s hands.

Auto gate wet storage.

Recently the Automatic gate to the wet storage has had an Intermittent fault, and has been causing a lot of head ache  for some members having to access the manual gate, finally we have decided to change the motor and the gear box so we ask for your patience whilst this is being installed by […]

Public Launching facility.

Very shortly the St Kilda Marina will be doing away with the token system of operating the boom gates for the public to enter the boat and trailer parking area, and will be replacing it with a credit card tap and go style payment system which will operate the boom gate this will alleviate the necessity […]

Fish Cleaning Station

By now all our members in the dry storage and the boat and trailer park will have noticed that our new fish cleaning station is up and running just in time for the annual snapper season. The fish cleaning table is for our members only and the marina hopes that you will try and keep […]

Dredging works at Entrance

As of Wednesday the 27th of August the dredge will be in operation at our entrance, please be alert and watch for dredge operators signal whilst navigating around the dredge. Caution must be exercised when approaching the dredge due to its inability to manoeuvre, also to remember to pass on the side displaying the diamonds.

New Marker Buoys

By now most of our members and the boating public, will have noticed that the marker buoys at the entrance have not been replaced since that violent storm hit our foreshore on the 26th of June, what the St Kilda Marina is endeavouring to do is to put in permanent pilons which will be pile […]