St Kilda Marina – 51 Years Of Service

St Kilda Marina, was a Spooner family visionary development well ahead of it’s time not only for Victoria but for Australia as a whole. The marina was opened in 1969 on a man-made harbour developed on reclaimed land which was made available under the St Kilda Land Act (1965).  St Kilda Marina had the prestige of being Australia’s first large scale marina, which provided the blueprints for other marinas to follow.  St Kilda City Council worked with the family in securing a 50 year lease, and recently the family secured an additional 3 year extension which will come to an end in mid 2022.

Over the 51 year journey St Kilda Marina has seen some significant upgrades and changes, such as the addition of restaurants, and more recently the opening of the Marine Parade end to allow public access; transforming this part of the marina into a mini boulevard / boardwalk, complete with public seating, cafes and recreational facilities all of which proved very popular with, walkers, bike riders, skaters and the public in general.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the City of Port Phillip for a wonderful 50 year partnership. We would also like to thank all our staff, sub-tenants, boat owners, local residents and the public in general for making St Kilda Marina an iconic landmark and a name that is synonymous with Melbourne boating and the St Kilda area.
The Spooner family is proud of the legacy we have created and in mid 2022 we will be consolidating our business interest into our business operations in Melbourne’s east. 
The Spooner Family
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