January update 2016

January 2016 is upon us here at the St Kilda Marina  and what a festive season it has been, just to give our members an update of what is happening at the moment, the  weather at the moment to say the least has been very unsettled with high temperatures one day and cold conditions the very next. The fishing scene has been rather disappointing this year with the snapper tending to stay around the middle of the bay and not do there pilgrimage to the northern end of the bay. while there have been sporadic catches of whiting in the last two weeks up this end, we will have to wait until the reds come back on the bite.

Also members don’t forget to take the opportunity of either trying a lunch with a glass of wine on the beautiful Riva deck which overlooks the boats on a weekend, or stopping in for a weekend breakfast at the Great Provider or a quick bite from the new ( ****** ***** ) not allowed to officially launch it yet? and take a snack back to your boat to enjoy with your guests.

We here at the St Kilda Marina do hope that our members are enjoying this years summer boating season and we wish you and your families a safe boating season.